To Be Assessed


I started this group on a whim, because I am a people hoarder and I struggle with change. After leaving the warm embrace of academia getting back into the real world seemed particularly disorienting. I graduated with a fabulous class and I wanted to keep the support I acquired.

We meet once or twice a month. It’s a support group, a crit group, a discussion group. A way of strengthening our community.

If you are a NYC based artist and are interested in joining us, send me an email.


June 30th

Talking about expectations, working in the arts and how sustainable it is/isn't, the thin balance between influences of other artists and having your own voice, painting from life, painting till it makes sense and painting for your own pleasure.


June 9th

Etchings, controlling variables, getting material grants. Camp, kitsch, taste. Not thinking of an audience and making what you want.