Summer is almost over

In a month I'll be back studying. The prospect of this is both exciting and terrorizing

I have taken advantage of studio access while it lasted this past few months. It really reminded me of having a spot in the Mile-End and how I shared my time between work and painting, while getting ready to apply to the Academy.

This summer, some days were full of dread, doubt and irritation but others were wonderful, surprising and productive. I have painted my face over and over again in hopes that something would break: me, the medium or the imagery. I don't feel like it did but I have the feeling that it gave me tools with which to face my September.

I tried my best to strike a good balance between doing things I enjoyed and trying new things. That gave birth to a bunch of weird experiments on duralar and mylar which is something I really want to keep trying to work with.
I have also forced myself to do things I've been putting aside for a while like a night landscape I wish to make into a big painting but don't yet feel ready. Forcing myself to do a quick sketch before leaving the studio one evening, was a good idea.

Below you can see all the nonsense I've done so far! Hopefully I'll be able to make a few more things ate home with gouache or watercolour and maybe discover something new.

Liza, Liza, Liza and more Liza.

Faces on mylar