The week before spring break was a real struggle. I could not figure out colour and temperature and fluctuated between making everything cotton candy coloured but flat or almost monochromatic but volumetric. The irritation was awful. Unfortunately it was a hard week for almost everyone I knew.

Surprisingly last week's class made much more sense. I became more careful in my colour selection, made adjustments to the drawing itself and at times things clicked and fell in place. I will not hide that fact that being praised in class helped a lot with confidence and allowed me not to be second guessing my every move. The image below is the result of two, or was it three, classes.

After a draining class, I stayed a little longer to work on my personal work, reworking some things for the third time. I am documenting more closely the three new pieces I am making so I'll be able to show what happens soon.

Liza SokolovskayaComment