New perspective

I take my words back, the change has not been unnoticeable. I am given information so quickly and in such quantities that I can not assimilate it fast enough. It's like watching a movie where the sound is not synched with the image.

The biggest impact was made by Sangram Majumdar whose two day masterclass I attended. I have been a fan of his work for a while. He was heavily featured on one of my older blogs, so when I saw he was giving a masterclass at the Academy I was elated. At the end of those two days I felt as if my brain was whipped into meringue.

The second event was my critique with my professor, during which my issues with colour, light and temperature were pointed out.

And I was particularly attentive in my painting class. Repeatedly asking myself "must it be lighter or more saturated?", "must it be darker or cooler?" and the result is those two painting.

All this also means that I have to rework the two paintings I started a little earlier.