It's done!

Riding the metro in New York gives you a lot of time to think about life, death, art and everything in between. That's when I usually write my long emails and these posts.

My first year in the Academy has ended, quite recently and strangely enough feels quite abruptly. I have only scratched the surface of what I want to do. 
I have always considered myself to be a pretty figurative artist with a strong desire for realistic representation. The Academy has made me ask myself questions about the flatness of the canvas and how this can be dealt with. Do I want to address it? Should I focus more on the what rather then the how? Thick expressive impastos or layers of smooth glazes and scumbles? 

This year was a year of accelerated growth and learning. I have managed to go, in nine months, through ideas that would've taken me years back in Montreal. Painting is an incredibly hard and satisfying occupation. My direct painting classes were the most demanding classes in my life so far, they made me go into places I was reluctant to go and face issues I wasn't fully aware of. It feels like they have raised more questions than answers but the summer is here for artistic digestion.

I have taken a break from responsibilities and spent the past week sleeping, eating, drinking, tanning and not really caring about anything but hedonistic pleasures but I am already feeling the itch of painting. Ideas are finally brewing and this is promising. 

And now a little recap in pictures!

A few of my favourite pieces. The Connie painting which is my best one so far. Two pastel drawings that made me realize I love pastels and a self portrait done with an indirect technique that I am still trying to get used to.



Crazy nights and beach days with crazy fun people! This semester has really allowed me to get closer to my fellow classmates and feel much more as part of the Academy's community.

I have also had the chance to see more of New York in the past two weeks than I have since January. When the weather warms up once again I'll walk around some more.