Oil sticks and painting questions

Spending all your money on art supplies is slightly reckless but oh so rewarding. I don't mind eating buckwheat all day every day if it means I get to have my favourite Cobalt Violet. Some might want diamonds, pearls, designer goods but I just want to buy all the Charvin oils!

I have been thinking a lot what it means to make a great painting. Not only painting your subject in an appealing way but really addressing the whole surface of the canvas. I tend to go for very central compositions, especially when painting figures and my backgrounds often times are not accorded the same attention which doesn't allow the viewer to discover points of interests elsewhere in the paintings.

During my shopping spree, I got some oil sticks as well as oil pastels to see if it helps me loosen up, be less predictable and treat the whole surface of the painting with the same amount of attention. So far it seems like it is helping me break through my habits, so much so that I had to go back and double my purchase. So if anyone is wondering what to get me as presents - oil sticks and oil pastels are the way to go!

Liza Sokolovskaya